Technology integrators and consulting firms — often the large and well-known consultancy firms that lead the B2B technology and services market — are looking for ways to help crypto-clients integrate mainstream market projects and established financial participants integrate Digital Asset markets. These service providers constitute a key component of the CAST Framework ecosystem.


The CAST Certification program has been designed to make it easier for these companies to offer services on Digital Assets and Security Tokens and advise their clients on their use and to facilitate implementation of the Oracles and the CAST Framework.


The CAST Certification program’s purpose is to attest that these companies complete the application process and fulfill the certification requirements, notably that they possess the minimum internal resources, skills and expertise on Digital Assets and understanding of the Oracles and the CAST Framework.


While the CAST Certification program can bring visibility and credibility to the certified companies’ Security Token offers, the purpose of the CAST Certification and of the associated certification materials does not, and is not intended to constitute and/or to provide legal or professional advice, nor certify any compliance with applicable law and/or regulations requirements. Certified companies will, and shall ensure, that their clients are aware that they provide services (and potentially advices) to their clients under their sole responsibility.


The relevant documentation for an application to the CAST Certification (application form) is available on the CAST website.

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