What is CAST?


  • Capital markets must be secure, regulated and trusted and be open and accessible to all professional participants.
  • Capital markets participants demand and deserve an immediate and rigorous transition model in which digital securities can be created, traded, governed, and managed like traditional assets.
  • Capital markets will benefit from the emergence of new decentralized business models.

The CAST Framework is composed of market standards designed for digital blockchain-based securities. We aspire to promote innovation in capital markets with a set of open standards and technologies anyone can use to develop mutually compatible and interoperable digital financial services.

The CAST Framework enables the creation of an integrated financial ecosystem across blockchain-native and legacy systems. It is intended to give issuers, investors, financial institutions and other service providers easy, trustworthy and seamless access to the developing market of tokenized securities. Minimizing integration risk will give actors throughout the financial industry the ability to transition to a new model for financial markets without prohibitive cost overheads.

Its initial version has not been designed to optimize the end-state of a blockchain-based financial industry. It is a proposal to make the transition from the existing financial infrastructure possible. We encourage financial institutions and fintechs to use the CAST Framework and build their own systems on it and ultimately improve it.

The CAST Framework is provided for general and illustrative information purposes only and does not, and is not intended to, constitute an investment recommendation or an investment advice within the meaning of current regulations. The CAST Framework documentation has no contractual value, and does not, and is not intended to, constitute and/or provide legal or professional advice, nor certify any compliance with applicable law and/or regulations requirements.

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A comprehensive assessment of the CAST Framework and its main components is provided in the White Paper “Call to Action” is available on the CAST website.